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Privacy Policy

What data does Sprout for YNAB collect?

When you authorize Sprout for YNAB with your YNAB account, Sprout for YNAB communicates directly with YNAB through their API to access your budget information, including your saved budgets, individual budget settings, saved accounts, payees, and categories from your YNAB account. Sprout for YNAB cannot gain access to your YNAB login credentials (e.g., email, password or authentication codes) nor any credentials to your financial accounts. Sprout for YNAB also does not access transactions in your YNAB accounts. You must login to YNAB through their website (https://youneedabudget.com) to authorize Sprout for YNAB for use with your account.

How does Sprout for YNAB handle your data?

By default, Sprout for YNAB does not save nor store any budget information from your YNAB account. None of the information you enter into Sprout for YNAB is ever saved. Sprout for YNAB uses the information from your YNAB account to show you which accounts, payees, and categories you may add a transaction to and uses your budgets to let you select which budget to add the transaction to. This data is deleted once you close the extension and will be fetched from YNAB again when you open the extension.

You may choose to keep your budget, account, payee, and category data from YNAB cached after closing the extension to speed up loading. The time length can be adjusted in the extension’s settings. This does not affect the data you enter into Sprout for YNAB.

Third-party services

Sprout for YNAB does not communicate or send any of your data to a third-party. Sprout for YNAB only communicates with YNAB and an authentication server setup to verify your credentials with YNAB. Sprout for YNAB also does not use any analytics tracking.


Any communications from Sprout for YNAB to its users will be handled through the extension itself. Communications topics may range from detailing updates for Sprout for YNAB or notices about Sprout for YNAB’s future.

Future Changes to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may change in the future with updates to Sprout for YNAB. Should there be any changes to this Privacy Policy in the future, you will be notified through the extension about any changes.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding Sprout for YNAB’s Privacy Policy, please send an email to [email protected]

Last updated: March 26, 2021